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What is Success to you?

What is success to you?


Definition: ⁣

-degree or measure of succeeding⁣

-favourable or desired outcome⁣

I have so many clients tell me they want to be happy and successful. ⁣

They paint this perfect picture of their end goal. Then they come to me feeling stuck because they are half way to the “end” and they don’t FEEL like it’s what they expected it to be. ⁣

Sometimes you have to let go of your expectation of what you thought it would look or feel like. ⁣

Success isn’t just getting results. So much of it is gathering tools, skill sets and experiences along the way that will lead you to exactly what you want or your desired outcome. ⁣

Sometimes you need to step back and ask yourself is this still success? Am I still moving forward? Am I making progress? Is this something I still desire? Is there something I need to change or add to my goal?

A simple reframe can help you redefine success and help you see you are still on the path, it may just look different than you imagined.

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