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The Twilight Zone

To everyone who has been shattered...

Know that you aren’t broken but something extraordinary happens when you are in the place you are in. When your sense of reality is shattered and illusions are fully exposed, your world is spewed out in front of you, and there’s pieces of you scattered on the floor that you were convinced were apart of you, you were convinced if you didn’t have them, you would die... and yet you stand there staring at the broken glass of the shell of your life and you can’t help but feel this irrevocable tranquility. You’re just motionless and perplexed, wanting to scramble to the floor to pick up those pieces but you know if you try they’ll just cut you. Because those pieces don’t belong anymore. They won’t fit back together. They aren’t you. It’s like everything is so dismantled and yet so perfectly placed in that moment. Like you know, you just know you will survive. It’s the twilight zone; The decent before you will arise again. It’s the uncovering, the beginning of rebirth. It’s metaphorically death to everything that no longer serves you. It’s really the most euphoric place you’ll ever experience. Because that my friend, thats when you start to understand what it means to be alive. But it’s so much more than that, it’s the solemnity of choosing to really live. It’s choosing evolution. It’s when you begin to understand the depth of your purpose.

That. Very few people understand that utopic place you’re in right now. It’s a place of your great awakening, it’s the place of utter power. And no one, no one can take that away from you. So be grateful. Be so grateful for the chaos you are having to face because that’s going to define a level of peace and power you’ve always wanted. The peace and power you’ve always had within you.

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