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Listen to Your Body

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Listen to your body.

As someone like myself who struggled with chronic illness, this is an overused phrase. In reality there are some days where if I listened to my body I’d never get out of bed.

There’s a fine line between listening to your body and falling back into old patterns of finding excuses.

Some guidelines I use to help determine if I need to actually listen to my body and pull back or if I need to tap into my Innermind strength and push through regardless of how tired I am.

Will I feel worse if I don’t stop and listen to my body? Will not taking a break physically slow me down for my future goals, ie will get sick in the next few days therefore miss more work, or tasks related to my goals. Am I able to push through for the next few hours/ day and rest later or am I physically unable to function right now? Is this all in my head and really I’m avoiding my potential because of fear of something I don’t want to face? Ie. if I felt optimal I’d have to go run 5 km or I’d have to finish my presentation or I’d have to make that uncomfortable phone call? Do I need to be optimal to complete the task or can I just complete it with the capacity I currently have? Ie just getting it done or needing to be my best Is there something I can do to temporarily relieve my discomfort or tiredness? ie go for a 5 min walk, do some yoga stretches; listen to an upbeat song, grab a healthy snack, take a 10 min power nap in my office, call an uplifting friend.

Based on these answers I am able to make a decision whether it’s better to tap out or push forward. So much about mental toughness and success requires a healthy does of self awareness and self evaluation. Don’t limit yourself but at the same time develop trust with your body and mind.

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