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Ocean Pier

Igniting Radical Change

Are you ready to go deeper on your path of healing and self discovery?

Bringing forth passion and purpose

"It's truly liberating when you stop asking others what kind of life you should live... instead, you look in the mirror and ask yourself "What do i want and how can i make this happen..."


I give you permission to create the life you want,

to radically change, to let go of your past.

Let go of old behavioural patterns.

Let go of your negative emotions.

 Help you take ownership of what you really want,

giving you certainty and clarity around choice so you can play big in the game of life!

My purpose is to ignite radical change, propelling those who have chosen success into a life of excellence, truth, authenticity, ownership and congruency with speed and ease.

By creating space, providing support, permission and guiding them back to their own innate power to eliminate all perceived obstacles, training the unconscious mind to perceive only opportunities. 

Allowing others permission to discover their own truth, discover their own power, and help them realize what changes they need to make so they can live their life out to their truest potential . 

It is your life, you get to decide what success looks like to you, you don't have to follow the crowd, you can change the rules, and ultimately change the game. 

"I just woke up one day and decided healing and  success shouldn't be this hard!
So i started to train my mind, deal with my disappointments, stop making up stories, and started creating a different reality."

Pebble Beach

At Innermind Performance I believe the answers are within 

You already know how to be successful ...

When I was 27 I lost my dad to cancer.

During that time I cared for him and discovered a passion for mindset and resilience I had never known before. It was then I decided to move away more from traditional health and wellness including the opportunity to pursue medicine and I ventured on to find other natural ways to heal the mind and the body. During my journey to Innermind performance I endured my own health scare, 5 autoimmune diseases and spent almost 2 years healing using a variety of natural modalities.  However, I plateaued. I realized a lot of what was holding me back in my health and overall well-being was my mind. 

I always wanted excellence, but felt stuck, confused and indecisive.


 Like so many of us, I settled for mediocrity, I became consumed with anxiety. I was pretending to live a life I was just ok with.

 I started to discover a lot of my stress, unhappiness and lack of results in my life were a direct result to my unconscious beliefs, limiting decisions, and unresolved past events. 

 I wanted to change.

 And I wanted it to be easy and fast.

I discovered the power of your unconscious mind. 

Using a variety of techniques I was able to let go of all the sadness, mind chatter, doubt and fear.

Overnight my life became easier, joy filled, certain, clear and exciting.

Not only did I get my health back, but I experienced passion, purpose and power in all areas of my life.

Within a year of deciding to train my mind, I was able to run 10 km a day,  for 30 days, without any injuries or pain, because your mind is THAT powerful.

I proceeded to get results in other areas of my life such as business, career, and relationships !

It is my desire that others experience radical change like I have!

As an Innermind Specialist and NLP Master Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist I am to work with you to unlock your potential! 

I use a variety of tools and techniques to move you towards achieving your goals. 

Add in my years of experience with personal training, massage therapy, nutrition, psychology and spirituality. 

I also have incorporated Natural Bioenergetics, Guided Meditation, Muscle Monitoring and Memory Recovery Therapy, Matrix Energetics,  Time Line Therapy® into my practice to work with your mind to create vision so you are ready to take action in your life! 


"I wanted success and happiness, but didn't like how it was being presented to me in a box... so i blew the box up...

I started to reconnect with myself

I let go of the pressures, social constructs and my past

I started to follow my passion

I decided to train my mind

I stopped listening to the opinions of others. 

I began to teach my body how to reject stress by listening to what i needed.

I began to let go of the illusions of success I had been hanging on to for so long.

I faced every single fear I had ever had, head on. 

I decided I was going to say yes, yes to the life i wanted."

Are you ready to get started?

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Calgary, AB,

Vancouver, BC,

Langley, BC,

Kelowna, BC

Accessible across the globe via online 

Tel: 403 689 5655

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