Problems that I solve

Have you ever felt stuck in your business, finances, relationships or goals and you aren’t sure what’s holding you back? Or maybe you do know and its time to make a change!

It seems no matter what you consciously do you, you aren’t getting the results you want?


Achieving the life and goals you want shouldn't be so hard!!!

 It’s usually because of the patterns you’ve learned in your life...


Add in the fact that many people become addicted to the stress of these old patterns. Our mind and body work synergistically around stress. Have you walked into a situation feeling calm and then a simple a word or gesture can trigger a subconscious memory and without you even knowing it your body begins to clam up, heart rate increases, anxiety kicks in...

What is happening is the  subconscious mind is sending messages to your body because of a belief, memory or event that it is under stress. So much so that it releases the same hormones when the stressful event initially occurred. This then creates a feedback loop reinforcing that pattern of stress, reinforcing the initial belief...Not to mention it reaffirms the negative message playing in your head over and over again.

As an Innermind Specialist and NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist, I use a variety of tools and techniques to unlock whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals. Much of my training comes from being Certified as a Neuro-Linguistic practitioner, a board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified in Natural Bioenergetic’s, Add in my years of experience with personal training, massage therapy, nutrition, psychology and spirituality. I also have incorporated TCM, Guided Meditation, Muscle Monitoring and Memory Recovery Therapy into my practice to work with your body and mind to create harmony when you are ready to take action in your life! 


At Innermind Performance I believe the answers are within and
I’m here to facilitate you to your next level. 

Why I started Inner Mind Performance...

When I was 27 I lost my dad to cancer. During that time I cared for him and discovered a passion for mindset and resilience I had never known before. It was then I decided to move away more from traditional health and wellness including the opportunity to pursue medicine and I ventured on to find other natural ways to heal the mind and the body. During my journey to Inner Mind performance I endured my own health scare and spent almost 2 years healing myself using a variety of natural modalities. Although I was able to recover, I plateaued. I realized a lot of what was holding me back in my health and overall well-being was my mind. I started to discover that our beliefs dictate our thoughts, our thoughts dictate our feelings and our feelings dictate our actions and our actions lead to results. If only I can alter some of the deep rooted beliefs I had embedded in me from life events and trauma. I was able to correlate that the mind and body work together.

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