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101 Courses
Guided Meditation
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Our Educational Microdose Workshops:

Are you Curious about microdosing ?

Do you know the cognitive properties of mushrooms?

What about Pscilocybin?

What is Psilocybin and what IS MICRODOING?

We've Created a safe place for you to learn about the neurosccience and the neurobiology of what Psilocybin does to the brain and the body.

How it can effect/benefit you.

With a guided experience and opportunity to try a mini dose of what the ancient Aztecs have used for years as medicine for the mind and soul.


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Our Guided Sound Bowl/Self Development Workshops

Are you are a Journey and Emotional, Physical and Mental Healing?

Are you wanting to find a container to rest in so you can expand as you evolve on whatever path you are?

These workshops are themed to help guide you back to yourself, to reconnect you to the greatest version of you, while providing you rest and relaxation.

With Tea, Chocolate, a warm inviting environment, Sound healing, Aromatherapy, Meditations, Mantras, Internal Prompts and of course Crystal Sound Bowls.

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No upcoming events at the moment
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Our Guided
How to be Human 
Educational 101
Courses & Workshops


ARE you trying to be a better human in a spiritual World?

Are you wanting to bridge the gap between science and spirituality?

Or maybe you want to learn about both and how they apply to your human experience.

These workshops are geared towards understanding how the mind, body and soul integrate as one. 

Going into mental wellbeing topics as well as enlightened tools.

From Neuroscience to Astrology.

An educational setting to inform you as you evolve.

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