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The Radical Forgiveness Workshop 

IS there someone in your life that hurt you and no matter what you do it still bothers you?

Is there something that happened to you and you are still hurt, sad and angry about it?

Or maybe soemone hurt you and you forgave them but you are still stuck on what happened?

Or maybe you are in a relationship and it is breaking down because there is a lack of trust and forgiveness...

Or did you make a mistake in your life and you are still carrying the guilt and shame... 

Well it's time you discover RADICAL forgiveness.  


It is time to step
back into your power...

Join us on a 5 Week journey
of unraveling the meaning
behind forgiveness,
Diving into Radical
 and of self love. 

Every week Starting
February 22, 2022
@4:30pm pst/ 7:30 pm est

Meet your guiding experts...

Sheryne Willson

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Master NLP Mastermind Coach

Holistic Energetic Trauma Coach

Spiritual Mentor


Harrison Meagher

Master CHEK Practitioner

Self Love Activation Coach

Holistic Mind/ Body awareness Practitioner

Spiritual Mentor


What is included

- 5 Weeks of 1:1 guided group coaching

- Step by step presentation on what Forgiveness is, how to understand it on a spiritual level and how to do it

- Teaching on The Universal spiritual laws which effect forgiveness

- Guided Meditation and Hypnosis

- A Deep Dive into Soul Contracts 

- Guidance on Letting go of any soul contracts that do not serve you

- Guidance on Letting go of how to let go of Shame, Anger, Fear, Guilt and Hate

- Weekly Journal Prompts to help you uncover your emotions and stories around unforgiveness

- Weekly Take home worksheets to help you walk through forgiveness and to use as a tool in the future

- Weekly Q&A

* Early Bird VIP receive a pre recorded Forgiveness Hypnosis 

What will you get in the end...

- A deep sense of safety and community knowing you are not alone in this journey
- A profound awareness around the events that caused you harm
- A sense of justice for yourself 
- A new feeling of power and self empowerment
- Closure around the events and people that harmed you
-Peace and clarity
- A new spiritual understanding on what forgiveness is 
- A life long step by step tool so you can forgive yourself and others from the past and future events

- A deeper connection with yourself and your purpose here 
- Freedom from self judgement (if you choose)
- A new perspective on why events have happened in your life
- Radical Forgiveness


Let's Get Started


Here is what you need to know.

This Workshop is held ONLINE, through zoom. 

We will meet every Tuesday 4:30 pm PST/ 7:30 pm EST

Each Session is recorded so you if miss one, you will be able to catch up.

We ask that you not miss more than 2 Sessions as this is a live workshop with live coaching. 

You will receive an email with journal prompts and the worksheets in advance so you can follow along.

We suggest you bring a notebook and a pen.

There are no refunds once you have paid, however you can transfer your spot to someone else if you would like.

 Regular Pricing is $997 US and begins on Feb 10th.


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