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Healthy Green Smoothies

The Radical

Vitality Program



Ready to







your health?


Want to learn how easy it is to make simple tweaks which will radically change your health?



A 6 Week Healthy

Vitality 1:1 Group Program
Every Wednesday 9 am PST
Starting Sept 22nd , 2021
2 hours

every week to go over the
tips and tricks on

how to
step into a new level of health
your mind, body and spirit!

WITH Group Hypnotherapy

at the end of every session to help you achieve your goals.


Green Juice Prep

Are you Ready?!?

What's included, what will you learn...

What is included...

6 Weeks of LIVE Training on the following:
1. Sleep
Discussing why you cant sleep, the dos and dont's to help you sleep better and sharing tools and techniques, colourthearapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy.. 

2. Stress/ Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

-How emotional stress is more dangerous to your health than anything
-how to destress, turn off negative thoughts and how to let go of the things which keep you stuck in your health 
How to clear heavy energy so you are motivated to move forward

3. Food/ Diet/ Nutrition/ Supplements/ Hydration 

-What diet is best for you,
Does fasting work?

-What are the top foods you should be consuming to get the best nutrients to give you energy,
- The best supplements for your soul
-How to properly Hydrate your body so you detox and loose weight.What supplements you need to be taking to heal and boost your vitality!

4, Physical Activity/ Movement 

-Talking about the benefits of movement and exercise techniques you've never considered...
-Talking about how movement effects your hormones, digestion and emotional health. and how you can use it to add years to your life. 
- the exercise that will transform your health and your mood

5. Environment/ Toxins

- How your environment plays a huge role on your energy levels, 
-Going over hidden t
oxins in your home 
-How to make easy changes

- How to live a "cleaner" lifestyle 


-Specific Goal Setting/ 1:1 Coaching so you are working towards improving your health while you are learning 

-20 min Hypnotherapy session at the end of every session 

- Q and A so it relates to you

- My Innermind E Journal so you can transform your mind and achieve your goals!

Healthy Breakfast

what will you gain from this program?

-Peace of mind
- A greater understanding of your body
- A sense of being reconnected with what your body needs to be healthier
-a greater awareness of what stops you from being healthy
-insight and tools on how to move past the procrastination and defeat/ feeling stuck
- A new daily routine that works for you
- Confidence that you are actually improving your health
- A sense of control over your health choices
-Emotional Support
- Guided support through goals you can actually achieve 
-Clarity to see what is the missing link on our health journey
- Motivation, Energy and excitement to eat better, be active and sleep better!
-Feeling emotionally balanced, well rested and revitalized!

6 Weeks of gaining knowledge, insight, personal guidance, tools, and emotional support to take control of your mind, body and Spirit...

Only $747 us!! 

Limited Spots Available, 

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