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Chakra Chocolate ( NON MICRODOSE BARS) Keep scrolling to the bottom to browse and order. 


What if Chocolate didn't just taste good but it was good for your mind, body and Soul, in fact what if it could transform your entire perspective on life...

Pieces of Chocolate

Our Story


With the growing popularity for alternative treatment for mental health and mind elevation, herbs and plant medicine has been around the longest.

With the newest research coming out daily on the positive affects of using psilocybin to treat,
Terminal Illness
Mental Illness
Eating Disorders
Hospice/ Palliative care
, it's no wonder silicon valley has been using psilocybin for over 10 years to enhance their intelligence.

As I have previously mentioned my love for chocolate has been ongoing since I was a child, it was my treat of choice and if someone offered me candy instead of chocolate, I was offended!

Fast forward to my educational experience with it, with a background in
Personal Training,
and NOW Neuro-behaviour Psychology 

After developing the The Chakra Collection ( non psilocybin) for Energetic and Soul Purposes, I wanted to create a supplement for the mind...
I had been working with the mushrooms for over 5 years, personally, understanding it, honouring it and studying it. It only felt natural to
blend the power of cacao with its companion Psilocybin.

Traditionally the Aztecs would only offer up plant medicine such as Psilocybin accompanied with Cacao, as it is it is energetically powerful and extreme nutrient dense allowing the psilocybin to be more bioavailable .

Taking the best of the earth and pairing it with the gentlest of plant medicines,
innermind Chocolates,
The Expansive Collection was birthed.


Wild Mushrooms
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Why Innermind Chocolate is different

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Join one of our upcoming workshops to learn more about Microdosing:

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Microdose Bars

Non Microdose Bars- Chakra Chocolate 

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