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Radical Health 

The Radical
Vitality Program

Offering a 6 Week Vitality Program 

Every Wednesday @ 9 am PST

90 mins - 2 hours to go

over the tips and
on how to 
properly elevate your mind, body and spirit!

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Green Juice Prep

Chronic Dis Ease 

Super Health Food

I know what it's like to be given a death sentence...

Do you feel like you have success in all areas of your life except one... and thats your health..

Do you wake up everyday fatigued, exhausted and waiting for another symptom to show up..

Are you facing a health crisis and you are ready to overcome it once and for all?

It is possible...

I personally alleviated  all of my symptoms of DIS EASE in my life using a variety of natural methods... 

The most powerful was healing my mind! With Hypnotherapy, NLP and Bioenergetics, I was able to get my health back and ultimately my life back. 

You can too!

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My Experience

Green Juice

The Things



I do and the  things

I educate clients on ...




Acupuncture and Chinese medicine 

Natural Bioenergetics

Pelvic floor physiotherapist 

Personal Trainer / biomechanics release 


Tantric Sex Therapist 

Counselling/ talk therapy


Time Line Therapy 

Past life regressions 


Ayurvedic medicine and herbs 


Psychedelics/ plant medicine 


Sound therapy/ sound bowls / tuning forks 

Colour therapy 

Crystal therapy 

Akashic records 

Chakra healing 

Shaman ceremony 

Bikram yoga 

Hot yin yoga 

Kundalini Yoga 

Deep Diaphragmatic breathing 

Matrix Energetics 

Grounding therapies 

Bio feedback machine 

NLS hunter / rife frequency machine 


Hydrotherapy hot and cold 



Vibrational EMF block techniques 

Emf blocking devices

EMF Wearables

Fung shui 

Vibrational plates and rebounding 

Hydrocolinics and coffee enemas 

Ionic foot baths 

Salt baths 

Float sensory deprivation tanks 

Infrared saunas 

Red light therapy 

Dry brushing 



AIP diet


Live Raw vegan 

Plant based 



Enzyme Therapy 

High dose probiotics 

Shit ton of supplements 

Hereditary diet similar to blood type diet 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy 





Throwing Rocks 



Cosmetic Oils
Fresh Produce



You've been busy...

You've been focused on your career

You had a couple of kids

You are busy raising the kids

Things have been stressful

You lost motivation

You've been caring for a loved one

You don't have time

It's 2021

It's too hard

Its too much work

You are tired of meal planning

You hate exercising

It's winter

It's summer

You've convinced yourself you can't

You've told yourself there is no point, you'll just gain it back

There's another holiday around the corner...

Eating healthy is expensive ...

What if you could wipe out all these excuses in one day and wake up ready to actually loose weight and take control of your health?

Are you done waking up unhappy and unhealthy?

Weightloss Transformation intensive!

14 Hour/ 4 Week

 Intensive Program 

Discovering what the root cause of your weightloss obstacles so you can ACTUALLY loose weight!

8 Hours 1:1 Intensive Healing Transformation 

6 Hours of

Accountability and Coaching 

Meal plan

Exercise Plan

Running/ walking Plan 

1 Innermind Journal 

Tools and Resources

Supplement Recommendations


-Eliminating all the negative self talk

-Reprogramming your mind to achieve your health goals. 

-Reset your mind and your body

- Reset your Body's Metabolism 

-Installing a Passion to work out 

-Installing a motivation and -Drive to stick to your goals no matter what

- Confidence to never hate the scale or your body again

Weights at Gym
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