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Finally, a chocolate bar that helps you sleep!

Innermind has formulated a bar which has all the benefits of the Calm Bar from the Expansive Mind Collection but without Psilocybin, and more Sleep benefits.

This bar is to help you relax, calm your mind, experience stillness and offer moments of rest.

Taking 2-3 squares while you are coming down from your day, embracing the evening, you will feel yourself preparing for a restful night of slumber.

Slumber- A Chocolate bar that helps you sleep!

  • *Organic Cacao Butter, *Organic Cacao Paste, Canadian Maple Syrup, *Pure Chamomile Oil, *Pure Lavender Oil, * Passion Flower, *Lemon Balm, Tryptophan, Magnesium, GABA, L- Theanine, Holy Basil.

  • This bar does not guarantee you will have a good night sleep and is to be treated as an alternative supplement to aid in relaxation. It is advised your check with a medical physician or Licensed Health Practitioner before consuming.

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