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Potency: Extremely High/ Advanced Journeying

This is our most potent bar yet.

Created for those of you who want to have a true inner experience.

This bar was created for the purpose of going inwards and travelling outwards beyond your misconceptions, beyond the veil of illusions, travelling through and past all shadows and limits.

This is a Stacked bar with Lions Mane to support the intense terpenes of the psilocybin. The elderberry and L-tyrosine add more delivery, creating a euphoria in the mind and body.

The star anise is to help you anchor between earth and the ethers.

This bar is recommended for those in 1:1 facilitation settings or for advanced journeyers.

If you are looking for a reset, for deep cleansing, clarity, chord cutting, release, freedom, mind refreshment and body calming then this is the bar for you.

1-2 squares is all you need to experience the effect of 1 gram.

Inception: Macrodose Bar

  • There are no refund or returns with any food items. If you are not satisfied with your bar, please let us know.

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