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Potency/ Strength: Intermediate/ Advanced Microdose


Heightened was designed for those who want an expansive feeling, with focus and insight unlocking energy and flow.


This Bar is for you if:

-If you are going on a walk/hike, wanting to connect in nature,

-if you are working out or doing any exerted physical activity

-If you have have trouble allowing yourself to have fun, let go and enjoy being present

- If you are wanting to feel open and creative through work or during recereational activities

- If you are nuerodivergent wanting more focus and clarity

- If you are in a social setting wanting to enhance the exxpereince of connection with others without drinking

-If you wanting to break the pattern of feeling blah or meloncholy.

- If you are wanting to feel revitalized

-If you are trying to break or create new habits in your life



There are 15 squares of chocolate in each Chocolate bar. Each square of chocolate contains 200 mg of psilocybin.

*The entire bar contains 3 Grams of Psilocybin

* This Bar also contains, PQQ. CO 10, Reservatrol, Choline and Innostol, Lions Maine, L Phenylalanine

* Consuming more than 1 square at a time may incease Psychoactive affects.

* Warning not for Children and MUST be over the age of 19 for Consumption.


Heightened- Chocolate Bar - STACK

  • Handmade VEGAN, GF, Chocolate

    Ingredients: Organic* * Caocoa Paste, *Cacao Butter, * Maple Syrup, *Rservatrol, PQQ, CO Q10, L-Phyenalalnine, Lions Mane, 

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