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Grounded- Root Chakra

This chocolate is for connecting to gaia earth. For anchoirng into your true authentic self while feeling connected to stabilty, sustainibilty and longevity. This chakra is essential for anyone who feels scattered or flighty or is too much in their head, overthinking or overstimulated. Grounded centres your energy with the Lions Mane Mushroom and the Black pepper you will feel the essence of rooted to earth, and with the cinnamon and clove you will be reconnected back to sense of self and structure.  

Handmade VEGAN, GF, Chocolate

Ingredients: Organic* * Caocoa Paste, *Cacao Butter, * Maple Syrup, *Clove Extract * Cinnamon Extract  *Lions Mane mushroom powder *Black Pepper

Grounded- Root Chakra

  • Handmade RAW, VEGAN, GF, Chocolate

    Ingredients: Organic*

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