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Embers- Divine Masculine Activation Bar

This Chocolate Bar is part of the NEWEST COLLECTION,


1 OF 3 Bars

This chocolate bar is to help you activate the masculine energies of strength, wisdom, grounding and sovreignty. 

The grounding nature of Maca, Mesquite and smoky paprika, marry with the essences of vanilla, and coconut manna. Sprinkled with ceyenne and sea salt to add a depth and flow.  


This Bar is made to help balance the masculine energy of safety, and strength.

Handmade VEGAN, GF, Chocolate

Ingredients: Organic* * Caocoa Paste, *Cacao Butter, * Maple Syrup, *Mesquite Powder,  * Smoky Paprika  *Maca Powder, "Vanilla Bean, * Ceyenne, * Sea Salt, * Coconut Manna.

Embers- Divine Masculine Activation Bar

  • Handmade RAW, VEGAN, GF, Chocolate

    Ingredients: Organic*

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