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Light was specifially designed for the newest Microdoser.

This Bar is for you if:

-If you have never tried psilocybin or microdosed properly

-If you have senstiive to energies and or substances

- If you are on medications

- If you are concerned with how you will respond to psilocybin

-If you are afraid to microdose

- If you are wanting something very gentle and calming

-If you are overwhelmed with life in general

Light can offer you quiet wisdom, help you gently process stuck emotions, ease worries or mental fog, giving you new perspective. 

Handmade VEGAN, GF, Chocolate

Light- Beginner Bar- NON STACK

  • Handmade VEGAN, GF, Chocolate

    Ingredients: Organic* * Caocoa Paste, *Cacao Butter, * Maple Syrup, *Lemon Extract/Oil, *Chamommile Extract/Oil, Psilocybin: 150 mg/ Sqaure of Chocolate, 2 Grams of Psilocybin/ 55 G/ Entire bar

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