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Eventbrite: Innermind Innersoul Healing

Facebook: Inner Mind Performance

Clubhouse: @shewillbealive

Ig: Innermindperformance: Innermind Hypnotherapy 



South Surrey/ White Rock 

Langley Crossroads Collective 


Speaking Engagements
Workshop Events
Podcast Speaker

Speaking, writing and teaching.

I am passionate about creating impact, vision and movement around designing the life you want.
I believe everyone is here for a divine purpose and has unique gifts that need to be shared to the world. 

It is my vision to help others get off the bench and start playing in the game of life. 
There are too many people suffering and stuck in their minds and bodies and not enough joy and creativity.

I love sharing my story and struggles as I have walked through many storms and trials to get where I am today.

It is my vision to ignite radical change and help others live complete. happy, healthy and 

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