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How it began... 

Assorted Crystals

My love for chocolate has been ongoing since I was a child, it was my treat of choice and if someone offered me candy instead of chocolate, I was offended!

Fast forward to my educational experience with it, with a background in nutrition, personal training, herbalism, and aromatherapy. I quickly learned how powerful this plant pod was for the mind and the body. 

About a year ago, I made it a standard to offer chocolate before my sound bowls, or workshops. 
On an energetic level, chocolate is grounding, aligning, expansive and nurturing. And most people love it, WHO wouldn't want a piece of chocolate before they meditate, relax, open up, align etc. 

The only problem was I was tired of buying chocolate from the local grocery store, even though I was buying organic, sometimes I noticed it wasn't vegan and other times it had emulsifiers in them.
Plus they didn't have the favours I wanted for the type of workshop I was offering... 
Thats when I thought " I guess I will just have to make it myself!"
Like it was my duty to fill this gap in society...

And so I began playing with chocolate and channeling my knowledge of the mind, body, soul with herbs, extracts, essences and oils.  


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I wanted a chocolate that was holistic, created calm in the body, expanded the mind while balancing your energy systems.

I handcrafted, and developed 7 unique flavours, specifically balancing the masculine and feminine energies for each chakra.
Working on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level, the ingredients selected are to align and enhance the gifts of those chakras. 

I wanted these chocolates to be universal yet sacred. 
Meaning you can use this in ritual, meditation, or ceremonial purposes or you can consume it before you hit the gym or as a snack on a friday night. 
It is meant to work for you and with you no matter where you are at in your journey of life. 


Here it is! 
The Chakra Collection

7 Unique Flavours and Purposes

Enlightened - Crown Chakra 

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Enlightened is for the Crown chakra,

Frankincense to open up wisdom and connection with higher self

Cardamom to ground you, quieting nosy thoughts and keeping you from ruminating.

The Celtic and Himalayan Salt is to open you up to your own insight.

Each entire bar contains 500 mg of GABA.

GABA is an amino acid and a neurotransmitter chemical, it helps calm your nervous system.

Enlightened is to stop an overactive mind and connect back into expansiveness. 


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Clarity- Third Eye Chakra

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Clarity is for the Third Eye Chakra.

Blueberry and Lemon to open up the what is unseen, to go beyond the sweet and bitter of the 3d and access new realities, bringing depth to the realities we have. 

Poppyseeds because the natural opium connects us to the crown, opening up creativity and vision.

Clarity is to help you see beyond illusions and the mundane. 


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Expressive- Throat Chakra

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Expressive  Final PRINT Label Front.png

Expressive is for the throat chakra.

To help soothe, awaken, and regulate the throat chakra.

The Peppermint clears away any blockages and vocal debris and the rosemary opens up pathways for communication and expression. 

The vanilla is to connect with the third eye and the heart chakra, allowing thought and emotion to meet in the middle. 

Expressive is to help you connect with language and emotion and help you vocalize adequately what is within. 


Expressive Final PRINT Label Back.png

Loved- Heart Chakra 

Loved Prroduct Image with background.jpg
Loved Final PRINT Label Front .png

Loved is for the Heart Chakra with its vibrant flavour of hibiscus which is good for the blood, purifying and oxygenating the centre of your being. 

The very scent of jasmine represents love, the feminine and romance. 

It is to enhance the divine clearing out any heart wounds, bringing in gentleness. 

Cherries are to ground the sweetness of the Jasmine and hibiscus, bringing in the masculine strength of love. 

Loved is to help you feel Loved, by the Divine help you cultivate love, and be love. 


Loved Final PRINT Label Back.png

Empowered- Solar Plexus Chakra

Empowered is for the Solar Plexus, to illuminate your power.

With the bright flavour of golden berry, to enhance the burst of grapefruit clearing out stagnant energy, reviving energy depletion from giving too much.

The vibrant citrus flavour is to awaken your drive, motivation, desires, while the ginger grounds you, bringing ownership to your power, zest for renewed responsibility in your life. 

Empowered is to help reclaim life force within you, while repairing energetic leaks.

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Empowered final PRINT Label Back.png

Passionate- Sacral Chakra

Passionate is for the sacral chakra.

To heal, nurture and support the very place of new life. 

Goji Berry is very revitalizing while cleansing, bringing nurtrience to that particular are. 

The Rose represents a mothers love, the divine feminine and the cayenne is the fathers strength which represents the sacred masculine. 

Together they bring a harmonious balance of harmony and toughness which creates passion for life, for purpose, safety and security and out of that creativity can be birthed.

Passionate is to help heal mother and father wounds, clear out insecurity and give way for creativity. 

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Passionate Final PRINT Label Front.png


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Grounded- Root Chakra

Grounded is for the Root Chakra,

offering earth to the body, bringing you back to Gaia, anchoring you to this plane.

The clove and cinnamon work together to bring warmth, and life to your entire being, helping you be connected to your body.

Releasing all doubts of who you are where you are going.

The added mushroom draw in life-force from the ground so you can be energized to make decisions. 

The black pepper is to bring balance to the salt of crown, to understand your own wisdom from your own resources as a human being. 

Grounded is to help you know your self and connect to your surroundings as we are all connected.

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