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Who do I work with?

Do you have a goal in mind? Find love, expand your business, make more money, loose weight, get healthier, move towards the life you want?

Are you tired about talking about your problems?

Tired of feeling stuck in your head? 

Want to make a change?

Want Happiness and success right now?

Want to turn off the mind chatter so you can start taking action?

I work with people who want success but haven't achieved it yet or don't know what that even looks feels or sounds like?

I help you define what that is to you and then lay out a plan while removing any emotional or mental blocks along the way!

What can I help you with?

Business gaols

Health goals

Desiring more happiness

Eliminating Fears, Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Shame

Unresolved life traumas 



Mental blocks 



Obsessive negative thinking

Feeling stuck 

Wanting to move forward in life

Goal setting 

Wanting clarity  

Weight loss



Guided meditation 

Relationship struggles 

Success principles 

Unhealthy behavioural patterns 

Lack of self awareness 

Letting go of the past 

Creating vision for your future 

Implementing success patterns 

Spiritual conflict 

Breaking free from social constructs 

Redefining beliefs 

Shifting old memory patterns 

Self compassion 

Inner resolution 


Cultivating gratitude 

Breaking Bad Habits

Do I offer Online Coaching/Sessions?


IN FACT, I have recently switched my clients to online via ZOOM. This allows people to feel more relaxed being in the comfort of their own home. You don't need to drive anywhere after our appointments. 


I have many clients all over the world. 

I am currently in the Vancouver area, residing between Langley and Kelowna, in which case I do have offices if we need to do an in person appointment. 

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