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Touching the Surface

              Transformation                       Sessions

Past Life Regression with Quantum Healing 

Sometimes present day issues, such as health problems, emotional pain, relationship dynamics and financial status is due to energetic imprints from a previous life or era. Past Life regressions allow you to uncover answers and solutions for this life, while connecting to your higher self for healing. 

Going deep into a Past life to uncover the lessons, the people, and gifts/ talents you had,  while breaking any vows or contracts in the past effecting your current life.

Past life regression starts in this life going back into through childhood, then often connecting with higher-self and other guides. Once you are back in time we explore significant events, the death process and do a full life review with soul contracts and quantum healing. 

3 + Hours

$400 USD 

Current Special $247

Intro Healing Sessions

If you don't know where to start,


This Package is a great way to get you started on your healing journey, perfect for alleviating stress around crisis situations, or creating more peace and awareness within your body as you work through healing journey. 

Incorporating EFT, Bioenergetics, NLP, Coaching

3 x 2 hour Sessions 

$777 USD

Innerchild Healing-
Womb Regression and Childhood Regression

The womb is our first place of experience here on earth.
Studies have shown, your experience in the womb can have a lasting impact on you in the future. as an adult. 
Childhood and womb regression allows you to go back in time to recall the experiences, whether positive or negative and release imprints, emotions or beliefs you believed inside the womb from your mother or your surroundings. 

You are able to pick up your mother and fathers energy in the regression and experience what it was like in the womb. We also connect you with your soul, your true essence and can discover part of your purpose here. 

 3 Hours 

$300 USD

Current Special $247


Deep Inner Healing and Transformation Packages


If you have tried everything and feel stuck in your life or have plateaued in your healing journey, or you want to go to that next spiritual level

I offer Deep Hypno package


, 2 month and 3-6 month Transformation packages which come with  all of my tools and certifications 

Read below to see these packages.

Buddha Statue


Beach Meditation


  5 / 2-3 Hour sessions in person or online.


In depth consultation identifying the problem and going into deep healing.


5 Hypnotherapy sessions with:


Quantum healing

Galactic Regressions

 Bio energetics

Introspection Hypnotherapy 

Forgiveness  Hypnotherapy

Womb Regression

Innerchild Regression

Past Life regression

Emotion Regression

Regression to Cause

Parts Therapy


$1444 USD


Change your mind

VIP Radical Transformation Package 

This package of  8 weeks radical 1:1, minimum of 8/2 hour sessions in person or online transformation.


In depth consultation identifying what the problem is and what it is you want, as well as coaching with assigned tasks and homework prior to the transformation date.

- 1 Hour Intro Session, to go over goals and desired end results
-2 hour Discovering the Root Cause of the problem using NLP and EFT to emotionally dump
- 2 Hour Time Line Therapy to get rid of ALL negative emotions
- 2 Hour  Limiting Beliefs Session to get rid of the negative self talk in your head 
ALL the " I cant because..."
- 2 Hour  Womb regression and innerchild healing to integrate the lost ages and aspects of yourself
- 2 Hour  Bio Energetic Session with Theta Healing to get you back in your body

- 2 Hour Parts Therapy and Forgiveness therapy 

- 1 Hour progression into future self




 $2779 USD

Meditating on the Beach

Change your life

VIP Radical Transformation Package

This package is for someone wanting to overcome their autoimmune symptoms or make a huge health change,

(detox, loose weight, recover from an injury)


Ignite Radical Healing!

This package of 3-6 Months

1:1, minimum of 15/ 2 hour sessions in person or online plus vm access to me. .


In depth consultation identifying what the problem is and what it is you want, as well as coaching with assigned tasks and homework prior to the transformation date.



  • Uncovering the root cause of the problem

  • Diving into everything that consists of the problem

  • Intuitive counselling, Trauma coaching, NLP, and guidance surrounding the problem

  • Health Nutrition/ Herb Protocol 

  • Values Assessment and life purpose Realignment  

  • Bioenergetics session- aligning the Chakras, Meridians, discovering any physical blockages

  • Guided mediation 

  • Inner Child rediscovery/ Age identity 

  • EFT

  • Theta Healing

  • Sound Healing

  • Time Line Therapy, eliminating all negative emotions surrounding the problem

  • Limiting beliefs and decisions, getting rid of all negative thoughts and mind chatter

  • Parts Integration 

  • Human Design Reading

  • Gene Keys Reading 

  • Past Life Regression

  • Age Identity, Regression work

  • Innerchild Regression

  • Womb Regression

  • Quantum Healing

  • Forgiveness Therapy

  • Parts Therapy

  • Quantum Healing

  • Astrology Chart Reading

  • Future Card Reading

  • Ancestral/ Karmic Clearing

  • Soul Contract clearing 

  • Soul Retrieval 

  • Ancestral Curse Removal

  • Goal Setting and Creating Future outcomes

  • Resources and Suggestions 

  • Recorded Hypnosis Session

                                         $5757 USD


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