Healing, Coaching, and Hypnotherapy

" I am not interested in who people say you are, I am interested in who YOU think you are and who YOU want to become. I am interested in helping you create the life you want, getting you results quickly and easily!"

Other Services I offer...

Energetic and Spiritual

Mind, Body, Spirit 

Natural Bioenergetics

A 90 min Mind, Body, Spirit Journey to bring about peace and grounding. Releasing what doesn’t serve you to bring you comfort and clarity. Targeting the physical body through the energetic systems. 

Combining TCM, muscle monitoring, energy systems and the power of language to unite the mind, body and spirit.

Bioenergetics works with the body’s natural meridian systems to release any physical trauma or blockages trapped inside the body, by using the power of words to release it, reinstalling positive emotions into the body so you no longer have a physical stress response around, people, events, places and objects. 

Natural Bioenergetics

$420 CDN ( $350 US) In person or virtual 

Chakra Balancing

Full chakra alignment with colours, tuning forks, crystals and Chakra Hypnotherapy session.

Bringing your energy systems into alignment, clearing blockages and programming your mind and body to keep them balanced.

Chakra Alignment 90 mins

$200 CDN ($160 US)

Not sure what session is right for you?

Past Life Regression

Some patterns come from a time not understood or seen in this life and need to be reconciled from the past. Journey back in time to discover, characteristics, purpose, traits, lessons and confirmations about who you were then and who you are now. Transform your outlook in this life by uncovering your past lives. Understand the relationships you have now, by understanding what they were back then. 

Past Life Regression Journey 90 min-2 hrs $250 CDN ($220 US)




What do you want more of in your life right now?

More joy?

More confidence?

More money?

More success?


Quit Smoking?

More Motivation?

Better Sleep?

Health Goals?

Find the love of your life?

Activate your unconscious mind to get what you want!

Feel empowered to achieve your goals, by training your mind to step into flow state and go after what you want?

First Session: 90 Min Intro Session 

$250 CDN ( $220 US) In person or virtual 

1 Hour Session $220CDN  ($190 US)

Future Self



Ready to meet your future self?

Ready to see what decisions you make today will lead you to tomorrow?

Feel empowered, letting go of yesterday and embracing tomorrow?

First session : 90 Min Intro Session 

$250 CDN ( $220 US) In person or virtual 

1 Hour Session $220 CDN  ($190 US)

Soul Journey,


Age Identity



Do you feel you are missing parts of your childhood? Need some inner child healing? Want to identify the ages you feel you've lost  and become whole again.

First session : 90 Min 

$300CDN ( $250 US) In person or virtual 

Office with a View

Business Coaching and Consultation 

4 x 90 mins Sessions $1000 US

Business Analysis and consultations 

Full value levels, personality analysis and and purpose assessments for the overall company and employees. Creating insight and assurance around future plans of success within your company.

- Find your business purpose statement

-Identify your personal business Values

- Set achievable outcomes and goals

-Get rid of limiting beliefs around growing your business

-Create a plan and execute


Transformative Breakthrough Session 

VIP Radical Transformation Package $4500 US


Ignite Radical change instantly!

This package of 5 weeks radical 1:1 in person or online transformation.


In depth consultation identifying what the problem is and what it is you want, as well as coaching with assigned tasks and homework prior to the transformation date.


Day of Transformation either 8 hours in one day or broken down into 2/4hour over the course of 48 hours.

The 8 Hour Transformation may include all of the following dependant on the problem.


  • Uncovering the root cause of the problem

  • Diving into everything that consists of the problem

  • Intuitive counselling and guidance surrounding the problem

  • Values Assessment and Realignment  

  • Bio energetics session- aligning the Chakras, Meridians, discovering any physical blockages

  • Guided mediation 

  • Inner Child rediscovery/ Age identity 

  • Time Line Therapy, eliminating all negative emotions surrounding the problem

  • Limiting beliefs and decisions, getting rid of all negative thoughts and mind chatter

  • Parts Integration 

  • Astrology Chart Reading

  • Future Card Reading

  • Goal Setting and Creating Future outcomes

  • Resources and Suggestions 

  • Hypnotherapy session 


1-2 Weeks following The Transformation, a Follow up session to clean up any areas that were missed and discuss progress

Work Desk

Change Your Mind

Change Your Life Package $ 2500 US


3-5 Week Innermind Sessions,

6 1:1/ 90 min Coaching session/ week 


  • Uncovering Root Cause of the problem 

  • Identifying what it is you want instead

  • Intuitive coaching/ NLP Coaching

  • Eliminating negative emotions surrounding the problem

  • Eliminating limiting decisions and beliefs surrounding the problem

  • Releasing old childhood patterns

  • Parts Integration

  • Astrology Reading 

  • Goal Setting

  • Resources and Recommendations 

  • Weekly Tasks and follow ups

  • Access to myself via voice text outside of sessions


Speaking Engagements


Workshop Events


Podcast Speaker

Speaking, writing and teaching.

I am passionate about creating impact, vision and movement around designing the life you want. It is my vision to help others get off the bench and start playing in the game of life and  achieve success today. By sharing my journey of healing my body led to transforming my mind, and how I trained my mind to let go of all negative emotions so I could experience JOY while achieving my goals. 

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