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1 Single Intuitive Somatic Healing/ Bioenergy Session

90 Mins 1:1 in person or online
Natural bioenergetics is the study of energy/ frequency and how it affects the Human Bio-field of the body.
Environment, sound, energy, and emotions all have a physical effect on our body.
Thoughts, feelings memories, events and trauma can all be stored in the body, It is important to allow time for the mind and the body to process these things. Using muscle testing, Tuning forks, sounds, language, energy centres and acupuncture points, can assist in the release of a lot of these unwanted storages in the mind and body.
Based on the TCM of balancing the meridians and the chakras you can get back in your body and feel reconnected back to your inner guidance system, back to a calm nervous system. 

1 Single NLP, LOA Coaching Session

1 Hour 1:1 Coaching Session
Feeling stuck, need a pep talk? A quick redirection and a reminder on what you should be focusing on is sometimes all you need, using NLP, EFT, Language and Visual techniques to remove obstacles and limiting  beliefs.


Intro Healing Sessions

Not sure what you are looking for? Or want a mix of everything?
Intro Healing Package offers the best of both worlds with little bit of everything. 
With Bioenergy Somatic Healing Processes, using Language, sound, chakra clearing, mind body Emotional Awareness, Age Identification, Root Cause Regression, RTT Therapy, Parts Therapy.
These techniques help you become aware the current problem while identifying when it began, why it is there and how it can be released or integrated. Letting go of negative experiences from patterns, programs, events and memories by gaining perspective and responsibility of how to make change through guided self choices so you can move towards the outcomes you want. 

3 x 90 mins +

Deep Inner Healing and Transformation Packages

My transformation packages include Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, RTT, Bioenergetics, Spiritual alignment, Time Line Therapy, NLP, EFT, Coaching, Traditional Therapy techniques and more.
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Calm Sea


Mind Relaxation


  5 / 2 Hour sessions in person or online.


In depth consultation identifying the problem and going into deep healing.


5 Hypnotherapy sessions with any of the types:

Introspection Hypnotherapy 

Forgiveness  Hypnotherapy

Conversational Hypnotherapy

Introspection Hypnotherapy

Suggestive Hypnotherapy

Parts Hypnotherapy

Quantum healing

Galactic Regressions

Womb Regression

Innerchild/ Childhood Regression

Past Life regression

Emotion Regression

Regression to Cause


Change your mind

VIP Radical Transformation Package 

8 (2 hour) Sessions 

Up to 4 Months of 1:1 Guided Therapy and Extensive Coaching

- 1 Hour Intro Session, to go over goals and desired end results
-Discovering the Root Cause of the problem using NLP and EFT 
-Time Line Therapy to get rid of ALL negative emotions
- A Deep dive into Limiting Beliefs Session to get rid of the negative self talk in your head 
ALL the " I cant because..."
- Innerchild and Childhood Regression Hypnotherapy 

( going back and releasing old programmed beliefs from childhood)
-Parts Therapy ( recovering the parts of you, you've lost or forgotten about, as well as reconciling agreement with internal conflict) and Forgiveness therapy 

- Mind Body awareness with Bioenergy Healing and Body Talk, Releasing stored trauma from the body

- Theta Healing with affirmations ( reprogramming the unconscious mind with words patterns and sounds)

- Progression into future self and Goal Planning

- Sound therapy and Somatic therapy to regulate the nervous system and reconnect you to your body
- Plus Spiritual Insight, A Journal to use,  Journal Prompts, , Accountability Texts/follow ups, Weekly Homework, 

Change your life

VIP Radical Transformation Package

* Highly Recommended for anyone who is overcoming Chronic Illness or Autoimmune


16 ( 2 Hour) Sessions 

Up to 6 Months 1:1 Guided Therapy

plus added Intuitive Readings and Coaching Outside Sessions


  • Uncovering the root cause of the problem

  • Diving into everything that consists of the problem

  • Intuitive counselling, Trauma coaching, NLP, and guidance surrounding the problem

  • Health Nutrition/ Herb Protocol 

  • Values Assessment and life purpose Realignment  

  • Bioenergetics session- aligning the Chakras, Meridians, discovering any physical blockages

  • Guided mediation 

  • Inner Child rediscovery/ Age identity 

  • EFT

  • Theta Healing

  • Sound Healing

  • Time Line Therapy, eliminating all negative emotions surrounding the problem

  • Limiting beliefs and decisions, getting rid of all negative thoughts and mind chatter

  • Parts Therapy/Integration 

  • Human Design Reading

  • Gene Keys Reading 

  • Past Life Regression

  • Age Identity, Regression work

  • Innerchild Regression

  • Womb Regression

  • Quantum Healing

  • Forgiveness Therapy

  • Suggestive Hypnotherapy

  • Reflective Hypnotherapy

  • Bioenergetics with Body Talk

  • Quantum Healing

  • Astrology Chart Reading 

  • Ancestral/ Karmic Clearing

  • Soul Contract clearing 

  • Soul Retrieval 

  • Ancestral Curse Removal

  • Goal Setting and Creating Future outcomes

  • Resources and Suggestions 

  • Recorded Hypnosis Session

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