Chronic Illness.  


          Emotional Trauma

I healed myself naturally from 5 autoimmune diseases!
I did a lot of alternative therapies, However, IT wasn't until I dealt with THE EMOTIONAL, ENERGETIC, SPIRITUAL AND ANCESTRAL SIDE OF DIS' EASE WHEN I BECAME WHOLE.
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Mind, Body



Do you need to Emotionally Dump!?!

Life has been hard!
Theres a lot of emotions you are needing to process but dont even know where to begin or how to fully let go of what you have bottled up for so long...

Bioenergetics and Hypnotherapy COMBO with a side of NLP!
WANT to experience the power of language, Energy and Body alignment all at once??
NOW offering COMBO sessions 2 (up to 2 hour sessions) for 
$600 us

WELL now you can.. 3 hours of just dumping and using nlp to help you unload and find the answers within 
3 Hours for $350 US


DO you want to get 8 hours of sleep?

Do you have new HEALTH goals?

Want to clear your mind from UNWANTED STRESS?

What if you could let go of the LIES you tell yourself about why you " cant get healthy" and you were ready to take control of your health!

Whats New!!! 

An Intimate Group coaching transformational experience !!!

Its time to invest in yourself and start getting your health back on track, take it to the next level...

intimate 1:1 group health coaching and innermind teaching

Yoga Pose








This program is a group 1:1 coaching/ therapy setting to help exhausted, overwhelmed, career focused women, who have neglected their health, and want to naturally regain the energy and Vitality of their youth, so they can stop making excuses and start being their highest, authentic and best self, without buying into fad diets, making extreme expensive changes or having a restrictive lifestyle, saving you time and resources!

Juice Bottles

Igniting Radical Change

Emotional, Energetic, Spiritual HEALING!

I help you get out of your head,
make decisions quickly and confidently!
 Overcome perfectionism!
No more anxiety, no more self doubt, no more overthinking!
i HELP you get back in your body, get reconnected with your self, so you can train your mind to have the life you want!

Everything is a Choice!

So you've chosen to live a life of success

BUT you aren't getting the results you want, maybe you feel stuck, or disappointed,

or maybe you've decided to make a change, AND you aren't sure how to do that.


It's time to make things easier and for you!

It's time to reprogram your beliefs and values, and re-pattern your mind so you can choose different behaviour patterns!

It's time to define success on your own terms, allowing you to step into your power, so you can live a fulfilled life!

It's time to ignite radical change !

You can have it all!

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Self Discovery 



What I believe 

Too often I meet people who want success, but have been conditioned to believe it's a long process, full of sacrifice and "it's hard".

I've decided it can be easy...

So whats the secret?

Getting rid of the limiting beliefs inside your head, breaking free from social constructs, training your unconscious mind and most importantly reconnecting yourself.  I believe you know yourself best! You know how to live a happy, successful life, you just need some reminders and adjustments!  You just need to allow your unconscious mind to do most of the work for you!

I believe you were programmed for success, for greatness and  your unconscious mind already knows how to get it, its the baggage of yesterday that gets in the way!

So let's unpack t whats holding you back, install some new beliefs and values and  and move towards achieving your goals!

You have permission to change!

IMG_4065 (1).jpg

Hi !

I'm Sheryne... 


I am YOUR Health and Wellness Hypnotherapist!

Specializing in Health Issues, Fear, anxiety, indecision, overwhelm and perfectionism.

I am a Board Certified NLP Master Coach

 Board Certified Master NLP Practitioner

Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Board Certified in Natural Bioenergetics 

Board Certified in Time Line® Therapy

High Performance Master Mind Specialist

Innermind Coach

Trauma Coach 

Health and Wellness Expert

Intuitive Guidance Facilitator 

Spiritual and Energetic Mentor 

Personal Trainer


Creating congruency and peace of mind in all areas of your life, so you can accomplish your goals in your career, health and relationships.


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The purpose of The Innermind Podcast is to get people to think outside the box when it comes to the mind, body and how they view their world. I believe if people can start to understand how powerful their mind is,  they can use it to reconnect to their body and spirit, where all life, healing, and answers truly lie. 




Client Testimonies

Wow, just wow. After just 3 Innermind sessions,  I’ve been able accomplish more in the past 2 weeks than

I have in months! I feel like I got my life back!

It’s like I have new lenses to see what’s really important in life, it’s allowed me to let go of the small things and start focusing on the things I really want to accomplish, like training for a marathon!

After 2 Innermind sessions

I felt confident enough to finally make a decision that was best for my business...

All I can say is that I’ve never been so sure of the direction my company is heading in!

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Are you tired of the confusion and indecison?

Struggling to make the right choice?

Your unconscious mind is like a GPS. The unconscious mind likes directions. Tell it what you want and what goals you want to achieve and it will figure out how, the route to get there. 

Like a GPS, you punch the address in. No matter what detours you take, it will continue to reroute to your final destination. Unfortunately many people don’t have a clear address on where they want to go or trust that their unconscious mind can take them there... 

That’s where I come in .... 

Currently offering an intro deal...

60 min Positive Transformation Hypnotherapy Session

Program your mind to get what you want, making it easy to achieve your goals 

Let go of anxiety

$99 us (reg $250)

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