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I help you move away from suffering and trauma so you can start focusing on the things you want.


1:1 Private Transformation Healing and Hypnotherapy Packages In Person or Online 

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Are you struggling with the following?

Chronic Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue



Endometriosis/PCOS,Hormone Issues

Thyroid Issues

Chronic Headaches



Digestive Issues

Weight Gain/Loss




Fear of Abandonment 

Emotional Outbursts

Fear of Conflict

Anger/ Unforgiveness



Sensory Overload



People Pleasing

Feeling Purposeless

Feeling Lost/Alone

Difficulty Communicating

I am your
Holistic Transformational Hypnotherapist
Innermind Specialist

Redirectional Therapist

I am Sheryne

I am your Transformational Therapist.
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Your Innermind Specialist.

I am  a Clinical Hypnotherapist Neuro- linguistic Programmer Mastermind Coach, Somatic and Theta Practitioner, Certified in Bioenergetics.
I have  been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 18 years, with an international online and in person practice, helping thousands of people heal themselves, mind, body and soul. 
Using a variety of tools, such as EFT, Acupuncture/ Meridian Points, Tuning Forks, Language, Muscle Monitoring, Memory Recovery, Regression Work, Parts integration and years of intuition and experience to help people unlock unwanted thoughts, feelings, memories and old patterns stuck in their mind and body.
I believe in Holistic healing, with a background in Personal Training, Nutrition and Herbs, Massage Therapy and Athletic Therapy, I have learned that healing requires attention to the mind, body and soul. 
I know how traumatizing life can be at times, with chronic illness, to death and loss to relationship changes, unexpected events and career upsets. 
So it is my joy to help people move away from the suffering and negative emotions, programmed beliefs from childhood, lack of self worth etc. and move towards creating a life you truly desire. 

My goal is to help you allow the body to relax so your mind can process emotions and release memories/ events, and reconcile the parts of you, you've lost. 
Using techniques to balance your energy centres and regulating your nervous system, getting you back in your body so you can reconnect to the real you.
The optimistic, hopeful and happy you.
Totally and completely whole.

I call myself  an Innermind Specialist as I have helped hundreds of people internationally online and in person, overcome mental obstacles, past life traumas, health issues, grief and loss, broken relationships, career setbacks and all the disappointments of life.  
Healing doesn't have to be continually focusing on the what is wrong and everything trauma related, it can be about listening within and reconnecting back to yourself, redirecting your focus to the things you desire. 

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Over 18 years of experience in Health and Wellness.
Over 8 years in understanding how the mind, body and soul work together. 

I believe it doesn't have to be years and years of therapy.

You don't have to settle for symptoms, depression, anxiety, broken relationships, empty bank accounts or any kind fo pain...

It's time to MOVE AWAY from the Pain, the past, the trauma, the negativity and towards the life you want!

Here is what I do

Certified in


Certified in Natural Bioenergetics/ Somatic Healing 

Certified as a

NLP Mastermind


Matrix Energetics

Energy Healing


Certified in Past life Regression/ age Regression

Certified in Time Line Therapy

Certified in Memory/Recovery Therapy

Theta Healing/ EFT

Background in Psychology, Sociology and Religious Studies

Background in Personal Training/Athletic Rehabilitation

Background in Holistic Nutrition and herbs

Registered Massage Therapist

Who do i work with?

You are stuck on your health journey, stuck in your head

You have decided to start feeling better, you are ready for a change

You feel your past or current life events are holding you back

You want to dig deeper into the emotional/  

spiritual side of healing

You want more connection with your mind/body

You need insight, direction and assurance

You are looking to uncover innerchild wounds or past life traumas

You want more clarity and energy


You want to feel calm again in your mind and body 

You have tried everything and you are looking for a new perspective 

You want to reduce your symptoms /pain

You want to be able to trust yourself




"Working with Sheryne changed my life. I never knew I was holding onto anger from my childhood which was keeping me silent. No wonder I had thyroid issues. Ive been able to forgive my dad and for the first time in my life, I feel heard." 

Sarah. M

London, England

" I came to Sheryne Pre- diabetic and with Liver issues. I knew I had to make a health change but I didn't know what was holding me back. While working with her I realized the root issues was connected to money.  I've changed my diet and lost 12 lbs since then."

Andrea. K 

B.C, Canada

" After 40 years of dealing with abandonment
issues in my life and eczema, I never would have thought they were related
until I started working with Sheryne, My relationships have improved and my symptoms have reduced to almost nothing ."

Mitch. W

Brisbane, Australia

" I've struggled with my weight  my entire life, Even though I eat healthy and workout. I was looking for answers. Sheryne was able to do a past life regression with me, which showed me the root cause of my weight issues."

Shawna, R

New Jersey, USA

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